Lemon Pudding with fresh pieces of lemon cream, candied zest and raspberry leaf

Rice pudding with passion fruit cream, passion fruit sorbet and coconut eclipse

Apple Confit baked for 24 hours with a crispy walnut paste, caramel, and Mexican cinnamon ice cream

Ice Cream and Sorbet Tasting Menu

Dessert Tasting Menu, Chef's inspiration

Matcha Financier with blackcurrant gelée, and white chocolate mousse

Chocolate cylinder filled with milk chocolate mousse, soft caramel with miso, kumquats and hijiki algae in cocoa

Chocolate cake with Belgian milk chocolate filling, feuillatine flake, and mocha semifreddo with a coffee slush

Chocolate mousse, cherry skin, roasted figs in rosemary, and fig ice cream with Porto

Our ice creams and sorbets are 100% natural and made at home, under an artisan process.

Our ingredients are selected for their quality, they can be replaced in case of not meeting our quality standards.